Drawing Request Show 72 Drawings Recap

September 19, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch #drawing #creative #art #request

Todays stream was the first on a Monday in a long while. This week I'm trying out M-F streaming again like I had done a while back. If all goes well it may be a regular thing. A lot less pressure doing it every day and I can get through more requests as well. Plus more giveaways for the Requesteers out there.
A few highlights from todays stream:
-Introduced the 'doodle cam' which i also jokingly frefer to as Augmented Reality Doodling. I can draw on my entire scene as if on a transparent sheet of glass. I draw and interact with it in real time. Or perhaps i'm actualy drawing it in real life. Who knows?
-First stream in a long time had no gratitude wheel spins after choosing to stop doing it for hosts last week. Thinking about implementing it as a thank you to anybody who donates at least $5 in the future.
Got 9 drawings done and did a special 'going live' drawing as well. Not too bad. Usualy try for around 10 each show.

Heres a highlight on EWG YouTube of thes tart of todays stream and introducing/ showing off the 'Augmented Reality Doodling' or 'DoodleCam'

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