LFS Warmup - Final Day of Chibi Special + Chibi stream @2pmEST/EDT!

September 30, 2016

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This is this morning's warmup to get geared up for today's chibi-only Drawing Request Show stream. Was also a gift art I wanted to give to LeFrenchStallion cause I'm hyped on all the chibi action this week and wanted to hook him up with one. Hes been nothing but supportive and encouraging to me since I began my adventure on Twitch, and hes one of the first pro creative streamers I discovered at that time. Always an inspiration and setting a standard for creative Twitch streamers everywhere. This gift chibi was the least that I could do.

This is also a break down of the process, from drawing/sketch to inks to colors. All the chibi orders received this week will go through that process. Each chibi takes about an 30min to finish give or take (per chibi). I put a lot into mine. I'm going to demo Chibi orders for folks who ordered via Drawing Request Show all day starting at 2pmEST! Come out to twitch.tv/eryckwebb and check it out. Will be inking/ coloring them ontop of the pencil drawing which will be a nice change for viewers hopefuly as well.

Today's stream goal is to get 10 more orders before this week's Chibi Sale ends 6pmEST! This can be via EWG Cart on the website or via DRS donation during the stream. 

Besides the Chibi order goal today will also hopefuly hit the follower goal of 350 at which time will be doing an additional giveaway wheel raffle!

Good warmup, hope LFS digs it :) Keep on rocking stallion. See folks out for the special Chibi-only stream today 2pmEST/EDT!

Should be a good time.

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