Great Tutorial From the Good Side of You Tube

July 13, 2012

Theres the dark side of You Tube... crazy videos slapped together  with crazy japenese music or attention-starved women dancing on camera. Well, the otherside is AWESOME, handy man tutorials, videos on how to fix stuff on your car yourself, videos for enthusiasts of whatever genre you can think of... and cool videos from other graphic artists like this! Never heard of him till I stumbled upon this video, and now following his work on deviant art. Was pleased to see we digitaly ink the same way, and though he pencils traditionaly then scans it and I anymore pencil straight on the computer, I think the basic process for his inks and even colors are the same as what I do. Whoever made the video made it pretty exciting and showed everything really well too. I learned a few new things from this, maybe you will too! I recommend.

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