Capping off the weekend already? Back to work tomorrow

July 8, 2012

Back at home after a sunday dinner w/ the family. Slept in this morning for once in about a week but man I didn't sleep well. Had a nice day off though, woke up watched Top Gear ( who's hosts I am now following on Facebook, yay!! ) and then we went over to her families weekly ritual get together down the street. Now we back and wifey doin her thang elsewhere in the house, and I drawin (what else? :) ) for myself a bit. Maybe some art clubness and other non EWG or non webcomic related stuffz. And chillinz. Lots o' chillinz. I think I'll doodle it up a bit for the alltoonedup art group and for comicart alliance. Ive been so busy lately i've neglected them way too long. Time to stretch my style a bit and have some fun with it. Sounds like a good time to me! Also I promised my sister a follow up to her Megatron commission, of the other side of that scene of Optimus! woot. Get to it soon as possible there lil sis. For now, I drawin for me self. So, some self doodling and maybe chilling with icecream and netflix with the wife later. A nice relaxing Sunday before getting back to the grind this week.

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