Generator Rex Commission Case Study Finished!

July 18, 2012

Kicking some arse this morning with Generator Rex commissions. 4 Characters doing together on one canvas. Never got to draw these characters before, but I'm having tons of fun with them. I used to enjoy the show, and now totaly feeling the commissions. So heres the finished sketch/ pencils of all four that I'm about to ink/ color on Livestream! Definitly staying true to the character designs but injecting my style into every inch! Whoo hah! Working on here in the first half of the work day today, and will update with work in progress shots as I go along on this post.

Now i've gotten done all the pentool work on straight edges and 'mechanical' type items. And ready to freehand the rest of the lines, and fill with black fills / black fill shades. Will post the finished of that next.

After a lunch break, and a lightning/thunder storm... got this all inked up! Coloring now...

And vwalla! Very happy with these colors and especialy the lighting/ shades/ highlights. Plus some new techniques I learned from some tutorials online about color balance tweaking and level adjusting post production work. I think it works well. And a little texture on the backgrounds. Why not. THATS A WRAP!

Thanks for checking out this case study, have to comment back to me below or on facebook let me know if you find this sort of thing useful, informative, or at least interesting!

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