Locked and Loaded For Another Week!

July 23, 2012

Great Googly Moogly! Well, definitly was good to get rested up and relaxinated over the weekend, now ready to get back at it this week. The game plan is to spend all day today working on backlog items, then tuesday and wednesday I'm doing all sketch proofs that need to go out, and thursday and friday will be 'completion' days where last week's OK'd proofs get finished and sent to their customers with a pretty orange and grey bow.
Everybody have a productive week, and as always, I'm available to take any commissions and answer any questions. Hit me up! And thanks also should go out to the handful of customers who took advantage of the SDCC free special last week! I'll make sure to make them extra saucey. Now that that convention's over, (all be it, the convention season isn't) people will be around to check out a live stream session or two this week and the internet won't be as vacant as movie theatres when they're showing an Adam Sandler movie ... yeah.

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