Post Lunch Thought - 7262012

July 26, 2012

Just a post lunch though. When told that my art is awesome, though its more of a 'comic book' style, and would I be interested in doing artwork that copies a different style, like say more fantasy/ digitally painted/ or some abstract cartoon style that's nothing like MY style which is fluently apparent in my portfolio/gallery, my answer will always be. 'Although this project sounds like it could be fun to work on, I am not willing to try to emulate styles that are not my own, if you hire me, you are hiring my style and my aesthetic spin on your project.' And will suggest you look elsewhere on deviant-art for what is sure to be a multitude of possible artists to hire to do your particular style.
Goes along the lines with ' here's a sample of the exact style I want, can you make a dozen more look just like this style' ... nope. One does not hire me to copy something exactly. You give me basic reference and I will remix it in to something fresh and new with my style. That's how it goes.
Thank you for contemplating my post lunch thought :)

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