First IndieZine/EWG digital product set to launch soon!

July 29, 2012

Well its official, the first design for Indie-Zine and EWG's new partnership is finished and shall be available through Indie-Zine soon as a new addition to their digital web-art products. 'Clubbin Cutie', the first design created for this new joint effort features many head, purse and body color combinations that can be swapped out at the whim of the user who is working with the design, in addition to Indie-zine's custom backgrounds and the ability to add text to make a custom web-art image for posting on your social networks or emails. Originally slated as a product line called EWGly Cutie, this brand-name has been dropped and the designs will be featured soley as EryckWebbGraphics creations. To be released soon by Indie-Zine once they have it set up on their website, at which time the full design and variations will be revealed in the EWG network and gallery, and the announcement of the release will be made with links to the product on IndieZine, till then, stay tuned!

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