Thursday Night Livestream 2-20-14

February 20, 2014

See folks tonight 830pmEST for two digital art demos. The first will be start to finish one character commission of a client's elven girl OC as a one-off redesign as I draw. Will start with some thumbnail sketch/ rough layout process. Then move onto tight pencil sketch, and full color overtop. The second will be the finishing of pencils in progress on another client's two character piece and full color applied to that.

Programs used will be Photoshop and Inkscape

Come watch the session, listen to the tunes, draw your stuff whilst, take notes, ask questions and talk geekdom with other viewers in the chat. Always good stuff.

Show starts 830pmEST and goes for 3-4 hours. Show can be watched at the all-new/ updated EWG Livestream page here!

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