Elf Girl Warmup - Digital Gray Paints

February 18, 2014

This morning's warmup - spent way too long on it but was really exploring methods techniques and medium a bit. I think she came out a bit more blank-stare and mediocre than I meant for her to, but not bad. I like the 'carved' look of the hair and the rendering o' the nose/ around the eyes n stuff. Ah wellz! Daz what warmups are for. Onto work I actually get paid for. 

Also! Thursday Night Livestream this week will be 830-1030pmEST and will be an elf girl character - one off redesign of a client's original character. Will be fun, hope to see folks there. Will be updating the EWG Livestream page by then to have a bigger view window/ chat area so be sure to bookmark the EWG Livestream page on this site and come back thursday at 830pmEST!

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