Valentines Day Sale Over

February 15, 2014

 Thanks to all who took advantage of today's 'flash sale' for Valentines day. All orders for this sale would have needed to be emailed to me so I can invoice you by midnight. The time has passed and the sale is now over!
 Was more successful than originally anticipated so thank you for that. Slots will be on hold for a few weeks. But sales like this might pop up here and again depending on when its appropriate. Thanks again to all who participated in this sale, your orders will be updated on Order Tracking Monday and will be completed in the standard 3-4 week turnaround period. As its a normal commission item technically, everyone will get pencil proofs. And can make changes at that point. Then the pieces will be finished up a week after that.

Anyways thanks as always for your support, it encourages more opportunities to save money on art like this. Have a great weekend and see ya next week!

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