Formal Event Breakdown - Process Steps

February 15, 2014

The Daily Slots are done for at least a week or two while I catch up on some big projects that came in this week. But they've been great exposure, practice and discipline. I also feel like I grew a bit in the realm of the full color over pencils commission style. And happpy to say I ended this week's on a high note! Really happy with the 'two out to a formal dinner/ gathering get cornered by shady characters' type pic I did here. Based on a story the client wrote. At first it felt like a challenging commission request but it came together petty cool. And instead of 'shadows' of looming surrounding men, I thought it might be cool to actualy have them crowding the viewer to focus on the main characters. cool stuff. Enjoy the process steps below! Slots will return soon as it makes sense to do so. As most orders I have 3-4 weeks to tend to them all slots demand daily attention and right now thats just not a good idea. So will open them up when jobs slow down a bit in a few weeks.

Tight Roughs (oximoron?)

Tight Roughs of the two main characters

Centered them, roughed the foreground/ bg

Tight pencil lines

Dark pencil shades with the textures n stuff

Finished piece with color applied!

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