Picarto new official stream of EWG

February 21, 2014

After last night's fail on Livestream's part, and previous fiascoes with the stream-giant. I have switched over to Picarto. I am very pleased with its light weight on system resources, and its crisp clear picture, lack of commercials and ease of use. I however have issues with its chat so on my dedicated EWG Livestream page I have utilized the chat from Livestream. The comments will not be visible if watching the Picarto stream on the Picarto site, and WILL be visible but the video will not if on the Livestream site. But for my dedicated Livestream page on the EryckWebbGraphics.com site, it will work perfectly. This I believe will only serve as an improvement for all future live art demos and events. Check it out, comment on the comments threads on the bottom of the Livestream page itself, give your impression, review, honest opinions! I will adjust accordingly if some people are having issues with the size/ setup etc. Seems to run best on chrome/ Firefox. My wife could not even use it on Internet Exploder last night. Whats with that Microsoft? I think this will be a massive improvement to the EWG stream experience for fans and clients and look forward to the next sessions :)
Check out the live page here: Click To View Livestream Page
Sessions will appear offline until broadcasting. There will no longer be recorded sessions.

Will add a link eventualy for previous recorded videos on Livestream

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