Be My Valentine

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day from EWG! This was a piece inspired by the works of Matt Dixon, Creature Box and some definite homage to Iron Giant by warner bros animation from way back when. But in general I was going for the parallel of the girl offering  a flower, and the robot offering the same from his point of view. A tree is a flower right? Also wanted to show the contrast of a big scary robot with a heart of gold and a little girl who would easily be crushed under his whim. But is actually quite safe.
Bet this robot never felt such appreciation.
And thats what I think Valentines should be. A purposeful reminder to make us stop our busy shallow lives and make a card or buy a gift with a note or write a post on a wall to tell somebody you appreciate the love they give you all the time and return the love and caring.
Sure its more meaningful when you do it out of the blue, but I think a lot of times we forget to, so to me Valentines day is a smack to the face (like a V8 commercial) saying 'hey... let them know you appreciaste them/ love them.' and thats all it needs to be. No super expensive jewelery or vactions or gifts, just a note, a card or a poem or something you tell them directly.

Alright, off my soap box. Enjoy have a nice Vday and Friday. Heres to the weeekend!

Also - in honor of Valentines Day - a special link: Showing The Love For Valentines Day

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