Spot The Difference!

January 30, 2014


Spot the differences! Just posting cause, 1.) I like this piece in both forms and 2.) this example demonstrates how, in an effort to be as accurate as possible and make the customer happy as possible - some wrong areas in the inking stage were fixed in the coloring stage like the height of the hat, the shoulder pads the collar etc.

But yeah, fun piece. Was getting a three musketeers/ van helsing/ v for vendetta/ zorro vibe with this one. The swords were challenging but darn it I wanted them to be cool looking! So I think I nailed the way they look in the game pretty accurately.

Was broadcasting live while working on this this afternoon on top of other items. But will be recording live tonight for Thursdsay Night Livestream starting 830pmEST - see people out then for disney Rapunzel fanart and hopefuly a street fighter character but... might just be rapunzel!

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