Thursday Night Stream Recap 1-31-14

January 31, 2014

Lastnight's Thursday Night Livestream went well had several folks come out see the pencils/ inks and colors on this fan art commission of Disneys Rapunzel - was fun. Anytime I get to stay true to designs of classic disney or other cartoon characters but inject my own style and aesthetics its a lot of fun. This is 100% (or close as possible) based on references of screenshots of Tangled, and I do little things here and there which more align with how i usualy illustrate stuff. Check out the preliminary sketch which I inked straight over, the finished inks and the finished piece below. Also posted the Livestream video. It was an hour and a half session - she literally threw down on the paper quite effortlessly. And being that I had already drawn all day I ended the stream there. 

From now on I will probably keep it about one piece per evening except special events of course. One piece can be an hour long or sometimes end up being 3 hours long. But I gotta reign that in a bit. No one character piece should take 3 hours like some have before. That means I either get stuck on how perfect it is or mess up a lot and have to fix things or am just not feeling well or something is causing me to take forever to get it done. 

Anywho, enjoy the process below, have a great weekend and see ya next week for more!

The pencils, inks and finished colored versions:
(click to enlarge)
Photoshop Sketch - about 30 min

 Inkscape Inks - about 30 min
 Photoshop Colors - about 30 min

Livestream Video:

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