Ell Taiko - Y.E.S. Commission Process Break Down

January 29, 2014

 Had a lot of fun working on this piece tonight, with an emphasis on stylization and refinement in my style. Taking my 'semi realistic' style and pushing it in a more anime/ manga style. Came out really cool. I think in a way I like the black and white and the gray-shaded versions better than the finished color. But the finished colors look good too. I'm just a sucker for slick black and white with gray tones. As some regular followers probably already know. Anywho, fun stuff - enjoy the process break down of this piece below. The final piece is at bottom. The full process video of start to finish is at the bottom as well. Enjoy! See folks out for 'Thursday Night Livestream' tomorrow! 8pmEST!

Photoshop: Sketch to get pose/ proportions right as a guide almost
Photoshop: Finished pencil sketch as far as I want to take it
Inkscape: In this case 'finished' the lineart drawing as I inked
Photoshop: Showing the flat colors under the lineart layer
Photoshop: Showing what they look like under the lineart. I dropped the lineart back from black to a dark grey for an aesthetic look i like to do sometimes. But don't have to.
The tedious task of flatting is done. I like to turn it all back with hue/saturation adjustment layer so i'm looking more at the form not the individual color areas. And apply shading with pen tool. Usualy my shaded areas are set to opacity of from 15% to 35% and anywhere in between
Then apply highlight airbrushing to areas opposite of shadows and color balances for added aesthetic value... and done!

Check out the Livestream Video of this process below!

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

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