To Dos To Do

January 29, 2014

Note to self, pursue more personal works - like original concepts and fanart tributes. 
Appropriately enough, this warmup illustration is what I considered a complete piece and I've titled it 'ToDos' - a cartoon self portrait of me writing down my todos in my notebook ontop of my wacom tablet at my work desk as well as the metaphorical stacks of work 'to do'. 

But mostly, adding to my To Dos... ontop of client work and Jumping boy ... to pursue finished full-fledged artworks. Perhaps a modern 'From Oz and Back' and fan arts of things like FLCL and other mainstream properties I'm a fan of. Taking my artistic notch and turning it up a peg on known characters to help my over all growth, and have fun with new techniques. 

Anywho.... note to self. 'Do More Personal Works'

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