Michelangelo 20 Min Warmup Sketch

January 29, 2014

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Woke up earlier than usual this morning and had about 30 min free time before starting work an hour early so wanted to do some free-drawing-warmup-whatever-i-want time. So after wasting 10 minutes on facebook (happens way too easily) i drew this for 20 minutes! Been a while since I drew some decent Ninja Turtles so wanted to do some. Came out alright I wasn't happy with it at various points but overall turned out fine I suppose! For a warmup that is. Mikey ready to pounce! Onto a long long work day ahead! But perhaps the drawings in the queue today will benefit from this extra warmup exercise a bit.

20 minutes, angled brush in photoshop 6 with wacom intuos 2 - some pen tool shades ontop.

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