Newly designed Pricelist for 2014 Launched

January 27, 2014

 Finally, EWG is happy to announce the newly designed and improved EWG pricelist is complete and ready for use in 2014! Featuring examples of each item and clear explanation of base items and upgrade options, the 2014 edition of the EWG commission pricelist should be the most useful and easy to use yet! Check it out, head over to 'Pricelist' page on the right and check her out. Have tested out the links and everything else seems to work fine. Any errors or questions or comments please give them. Feedback is encouraged! 
Currently only Character Art and Tshirt Graphic commissions are listed. This is on purpose and will be the only offered services for the meantime. In the future the plan is to add comic page/strip commissions, and other design items, as well as provide shopping cart buttons so you can literally go shopping for your commission items in a safe and secure EWG store fashion. But for now, email and refer to this pricelist in your request and your Paypal invoice shall be taken care of post haste!

Thank you, and look forward to your feedback!

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