Back and Thats A Fact, Jack

January 26, 2014

I am officially back from my couple days out of town and scanned/posting this sketch I did in my sketchbook a few days ago of none other than Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. When I had the notion to refer to the picture of him on my new fav drinking cup, I realized it was ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! So anywho, this was fun to do. A tooned up version of Uncle Si Robertson done with pencil, then with Pitt brush pens black brush and then lighter gray tone brushes. Fun stuff

Look forward to getting back to normal schedule this week and tearing up the queue of orders!
I also sketched and brainstormed at least an hour each day on character designs and ideas for my personal works, but can't reveal those right now. Maybe in a couple weeks! Filled like half a dozen pages with design sketches/ ideas lol. 
Rule number one, jack. Even when 'off', need to keep the skills up in the ol' sketchbook every day.

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