Some Parts of Website Under Construction for 2014

January 20, 2014

Been working on a new design for the EWG Store and Pricelist pages at - gotta step away for a bit the code making my eyes cross. But I think it will be 10x awesome when done. In the meantime, please email me concerning quotes or what have you till I get them up and running. Hope clients like the price-list page more when its done. Will have the different products/services EWG offers organized nice and a thumbnail that can be viewed larger of each purchase option for a better understanding of what your looking for vs what your actually buying! And the plan is to have cart buttons once its done but will see about that. Alright, back to drawing rest o' the evening.

*Update 1/29
1. The Pricelist page is now finished. Will gradually add items to the list of commission services over the next couple months. But currently 3-4 items are up and ready to be browsed!

2. The EWG Store is down right now for rebuilding - but the new one will definitly be a proper shopping experience for EWG fans and clients.

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