Daily Slot Openings Available For Next Week! Get Em!

January 17, 2014

 Daily Open Commission Slots are back! Normal pricelist prices but guarunteed on day of the slot your reserve! Check open slot availability and if ones available quickly send paypal payment of 30.00 and include a link to one good picture of reference in the 'notes to seller' area and I will reserve you in the next available space. These tend to go fast so grab em up! Check out the listening of open spots here:

Look forward to freestyling two character pieces each morning in solid pencil sketches with color finishes overtop. Will be doing two up at a time each morning before noon. Or if something comes up will work on it that evening. Evening work (typicaly because of viewer traffic levels at that time) will be subject to livestream broadcasts! Bonus for not getting it done in the morning. Whats not to like?

Go check out the list and grab up a few! As many as your willing to purchase! Up to you! Can be original characters, fan art of video game, cartoon or other characters or, even though this is not a design item, can tell me to have free reign design an amalgam like a Cobra Command version of a non related character or mix two but leave the design totaly up to me. Otherwise character design and the process involved is not allowed for these.

Also adult items will be simplified. Any character/ any request is fine but I will keep it within tasteful limits. I'm all for sexy but no nudity in EWG land!

Check em out, grab em up! They DO go fast - so act fast!

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