Drawing Request Show Episode 51 Recap

August 2, 2016

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Drawing Request Show Episode 51, with a new intro and tackling a massive request list left over from last week. Had a Epelesker request train and a Trayde request train.
If I'm being honest, I was feeling a little off my game but had fun and got a decent amount of work done. Only went for about 3 hours as a result.
The video was a bit rushed as well so sorry for some audio misalignments and transition bothces. But the recap is up! Thats all I was going for on this one. Have a good one! See you at the next show. Every Tue/Wed/Thurs 2pmET

Missed the stream? Heres the recap of DRS Episode 51 on YouTube! Again, had some mishaps with the sound on the intro in the recording and the speed of the Giveaway of this session. But will do better next time. Enjoy the art process :)

Hope to see you at the next live show! 2pm Eastern Time every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at
www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb !

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