Drawing Request Show 55 Recap

August 11, 2016

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This midweek stream saw a Trayde-train, a sister pop in, a game of fate and a follower goal acheived!

Trayde11 has become the all-time supporter of the stream and this week was no acception. I thoroughly enjoyed the fun, creativity and challenge of his 'Cars-like baggage' universe of characters. Everything from a beatup miserable old suitcase, to a overweigh gym bag, to a sweet and enthusiastic female backpack. TamTam snuck in with a gratitude wheel spin for his very generous donation support during the stream winning him an instant 4minute superboy sketch.

My sister came in unexpectedly to watch the stream and the hype went through the roof both on my end and the chat. It was hilarious. Thanks for coming in Adrya, good to have you visit, definitely changed the tone of the rest of the stream haha. Heres un-elapsed clip from that moment:

I honestly can't remember the last time the Giveaway wheel landed on 'Game Of Fate' but it was awesome and I fired up 'Sky Trip' a funny 3D ball and platform game with the potential to rack up major giveawayness but couldnt seem to get past 19min. Still, thats 1 minute shy of the max drawing level of the show so not too shabby! That was 19 dollars back in the pocket of Trayde, who won the giveaway. Between the train of requests and the giveaway, it was a Trayde kinda day!

Happy to say somewhere in the last half of the show we crossed the Follower Goal of 240 and a straw poll was held to see if folks wanted to do the 50 dollar giveaway then and there inplace of the episode 55 giveaway (the wednesday this stream happened) or do it for episode 56 (thursday). The vote was for thursday so thats when it will happpen.

Everyone is encouraged to come out to Episode 56 for the Follower Goal Giveaway Event! This is a $50 total giveaway that happens in place of the normal daily giveaway. Instead of picking one amount for a drawing and then giving it to one lucky winner, we pick a prize with the wheel, give it away, and then do it again, and again until we hit or go over $50 dollars! Multiple winners, many different kinds of drawing request freebies to giveaway. Always a good time!

If you missed Drawing Request Show episode 55, check out the recap video below from EWG YouTube channel. If you enjoy it there are many more on that YouTube channel!

Hope to see you at a future live show! Just follow twitch.tv/eryckwebb and come out 2pmET on Tues-Thurs each week! See you there!

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