Intuos 2 On Way Out - Replacment On Its Way

August 22, 2016

#ripIntuos2 #upgrade #newequipment #replacement

Its official, I was about 75% through inking my first commission work today when the sine-wave problem returned. And it came back more regular and problematic than before. All the research points to either buying a new pen (which I just cant seem to find even on ebay or something) or replacing it. So I located a cheap replacement and it should be here tomorrow. Sorry Intuos, its ben an amazing run. Had you since I used to live in Virginia and you were the bread and butter of my business till now. Its officialy making it nearly impossible to work correctly so I will switch to penciling approval sketches on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 in sketchbook till it gets here. And hopefuly have it up and running and ready to roll in time for Drawing Request Show tomorrow. If it is not, we'll move episode 60 and the special $50 giveaway to wednesday. Or perhaps I can do the giveaway tomorrow and do the requests on my tablet as I can still do high res stuff on my tablet. We'll see. If you have a preference hit me up below. Will look forward to new fresh tablet upgrade and getting that rolilng tomorrow. Till then, will probably stream today drawing on my tablet till quitting time. 
You've been a good one Wacom Intuos2!!

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