Stream Doodling 82216

August 23, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch #twitch #creative #stream #doodle

Had a fun session of free-time drawing on stream over at this evening. Folks came out had some great hosts and wheel spins as thank you for the support. Got to meet a bunch of ErikPaint's followers and the chat called out random things and I drew them! Went on for a good two hours or so like that :) And these are the sketches that ensued. Click the image above to enlarge and see them closer up. Fun stuff will definitely have to do it again.

See everyone tomorrow 2pmET for a special Drawing Request Show, where w'ell be celebrating the latest follower goal with a $50 giveaway and its also the 60th episode so seeing the show is now an old geezer the stream will be themed appropriately. Wondering what I'm talking about? Come out to the show to see. Tuesday 2pm Eastern Time. See ya then :)

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