Monday Evening Duel Stream with FunkyTurtle

August 16, 2016

@twitchcreates #duelstream #livestream #multistream #art #creative

Enjoyed a good second attempt at duel streaming with art buddy FunkyTurtle13 ( ). This time we used discord for the audio/ conversation and I hosted the stream putting his canvas on the right side while he streamed from his channel. Next time he can host and I'll stream from mine through his. Its one of the easiest ways to draw/ keep the voice from having a major delay and what not. Did some research thats how other streamers seemed to do it.
Will do it again soon for sure! Also after finally figuring out discord might have to open that up during my drawing request shows on occassion.

Missed the duel session? Watch it on the EWG YouTube channel here:

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