Drawing Request Show 290 Recap

August 25, 2017

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As of this post, all art shown above sent! Thank you for a fantastic Thursday of coloring madness. Today we continued this week's schedule experiment with 10am - 5pmEST Monday through Friday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are drawing request days where I do 2minute to 15minute sketches for people and Tuesday and Thursday were Upgrade days, doing Inks on Tuesday and colors on Thursday. Counting multiple character in a couple of the pieces and also an epic dragon 10min sketch for MightyMae as thanks for her epic 50+ viewer raid today, I got around 15 characters, or 7 artworks done today during the 8+ hour stream. Needless to say I was pooped after todays stream but was very very fun. 

It was also the second day of no Gratitude wheel, like yesterday with the Chibi special, to help keep the art moving. Truth be told, due to the success of not using it these past two days and focusing more on the art as appreciation for the support, the Gratitude Wheel will be phased out after tomorrow's ( Friday 8/24/17 ) Top 3 Supporters of the week segment. The Gratitude wheel will be used one more time to thank them. Starting next week, the Gratitude Wheel will only be used for Top 3 Supporters and other special situations and contain bigger stream-experience-enhancing prizes. Also in development is tier based rewards/ bonuses for different levels of donations that you just automaticly get in addition to your drawings. 

Thanks so much guys and this ever evolving experiment will keep rolling. Lets end the week on a high note with some epic Drawing tomorrow! I've never had this many ULTRA tokens waiting to be done before so that'll be exciting. But i'm more than happy to cater to them because that means most of them were won via Giveaways. Thanks for all the support! The hosts, the donations, the kind words in chat. Everything. 

Also August 31st we'll be knighting two new Requesteers to the Court of Draws. Ive got my eyes on two special individuals! 

See you at the next live stream twitch.tv/eryckwebb every weekday!

Heres some fanart put together by Hamiltoons - lol so funny. Me and Hamiltoons with a famous phrase coined by MightyMae:

Heres a higlight from today's stream!

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