Personal Works: Swat Kats FanArt Finished Digital Pencils

August 15, 2017

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Finished FanArt pencils of Swat Kats - a very influencial and inspiring cartoon series when I was a kid. Still pretty damn rad today compared to the cartoons we have available now.
Sketched in inkscape, finished pencils in autodesk sketchbook pro
eventualy will ink/ color. Digging the finished 11x17 pencils for tonight though!
Done after wrapping up work for the day and feeling the need to do a little something for myself. I dont do finished tight comic pencils that often these days but definitely fun to sorta dive into on occassion. Finishing the pencils definitively like this always makes the inks result so much higher quality as well.

About 2 hours of digital penciling from previous inkscape tight sketch to what you see here in Sketchbook pro with wacom intuos pro

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