Personal Works: SwatKats FanArt Prelims

August 11, 2017

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First pass at some prelim SwatKats fan art/tribute layouts. I just randomly was watching videos of cosplay highlights from recent conventions and out of the blue BING my brain goes to 'draw a sweet SwatKats tribute piece'. This to me is a very underrated show and was a massive influence on me when I was younger. The flashy animation and rock soundtrack and awesome factor was killer. I was always inspired by the evil scientist lizard cat guy, and the one episode with the robot that kept assembling more mass/ parts and getting bigger and bigger. Was such an influence.
So the first one on the left was basically 'let me get familiar with their designs with a semi half ass attempt at composition. The second one was then taken from that and redrawn. I'm thinking for the final to push the camera down looking up for even more extreme angle/ perspective much like you might see in the show. I do like the jet in there somewhere as it was their main front runner of weapons they used. And then every cover/ poster you see has the big moon/ sun whatever behind them. Looking forward to the next step which is finished digital pencils. Then inks then colors eventually. Last time I got this inspired was a Samurai Jack tribute piece. These kind of things just hit you when they hit you lol. But looking forward to working on it more.
For now good night and have a great weekend everybody.

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