Daily Discipline: Mucho Macho Flamingo and Hat

August 7, 2017

The Hat Is In Command!

Hes Mucho Macho, he's as graceful as a Flamingo, hes Mucho Macho Flamingo!

#drawing #surface #microsoft #surfacepro4 #inkscape #inks #art #digitalart

Did an impromptu stream this evening to unwind used Splashtop Streamer to stream from the SurfacePro4 to my desktop PC to stream it in OBS and I Inked a sketch I did earlier on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in the waiting room today. All inked/ and sketched in Inkscape on the Surface Pro 4 - i'm getting more confident and comfortable with it! But will be a while before I'm up to where I am on the PC. Have a great night see everyone back on stream tomorrow for those paying jobs!

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