Drawing Request Show 292 Recap

August 28, 2017

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As of this post, the art above has been sent! Check those whispers! Thanks to all who came out today hoping for some serious Drawing action! Just as stella started getting her groove back we had some internet connection issues. Restarting my router didnt help, changing twitch servers didnt help. Finaly after ending the stream just over 2 hours in, I tried updating my stream key and a few other things. When it started stabilizing in the green and dropping next to no frames I was able to run an internet web game, run youtube and twitch streams and internet radio all at the same time and not drop a single frame. What was it? I have no idea. Only thing I do know is it was out of my control completely. Thanks to those who came out, hate to have problems like these. But rest of the week we're going to rock out proper. See you tomorrow 10am for an all day drawing request stream. See you Wednesday for all day upgrades stream and Thursday will be one more all day drawing stream before im out for the weekend a day early.

See you tomorrow!

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