DailyDiscipline: LFS Hotdog - FanArt Sketch

August 16, 2017

@twitch @frenchstallion @twitchcreates #twitchcreative #twitch #baguette #hotdog #guitar

A late night cool down/ practice sketch for fun to unwind while hanging on twitch tonight. On Le French Stallion's stream tonight he had a hotdog-patterned onesie/ jumpsuit. I sort of took that and ran. Also was drawing this while he was using his minimalistic guitar that looks like something out of madmax. So drew him playing that. If you havent watched twitch.tv/lefrenchstallion your missing an amazing channel. Raising the bar every week for every other twitch streamer out there. Always a hoot hanging on his streams and always some sort of crazy cartoon inspiration results lol. Fun stuff

Sketchbook Pro about 20 minutes. 

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