New week new adventure

June 11, 2012

Well I'm thoroughly exhausted from this weekend. Spent all day saturday shoveling and raking leaves for the mother in law. Got her yard all cleared up and lookin good. Bandit (my truck) enjoyed havin its top off and getting worked a bit. Kristina would have helped but she came down with an aweful allergic reaction thingy.

Shes on meds that have had her knocked out all weekend and gettin healed up from that.
So shes home today, which the shift in the schedule has me a bit off this morning. But I must remember its a work day and theres lots and lots to do!

Which reminds me, my fog this morning could be from the fact I haven't taken my allergy/ sinus medicine yet today. Time to go grab that. Well, I've got 20 dollar commissions scheduled for all this week, and some premiums to get out.

Have a great work week everyone and remember, if your going to bother to do something. Do it right, and knock it out of the park. Or at least try your best to do so. Otherwise, why waste your time?


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