June 18, 2012

Alright well back in business. With the outgoing being replaced with seesmic the need for a similar app to update twitter/facebook and the EWG blogger site was apparent. Well after much trial and error found a site called Posterous that even lets me post via email. Very cool. But replies and comments to either individual site posted to will be replied to in their respective locations.

I recommend Posterous and the numerous services it'll sink up to. All though I have facebook page being updated via twitter as facebook pages has decided to F up their code and prevent most users from using Posterous to post to them. Luckily twitter and facebook get along fine so that'll be the go around for now .Alright, getting this Delusions of Normalsy wrapped up to post today and then I might be relocating my work space downstairs. Remains to be seen. L8r. Oh and cozplay girls are awesome.

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