Joe Kubert Tribute - TOR artwork by Eryck Webb

August 18, 2012

Originaly posted at the art group I enjoy participating in as often as possible, The Comic Art Alliance. This week's theme is tribute to the legend Joe Kubert whom just passed away this past month. I can say I've always found his work even though sometimes very loose, to have masterful technique in his storytelling and a certian fluidity to his work as well. Loved the way he drew faces and hands too. Well here is one of his intellectual properties he did many stories of over his years, TOR the caveman type character published I believe by DC comics or something like that. Reminds me of a tarzan type character, except with cool long triangle shaped hair and more hide on his arms and actual boots. Plus bonus caveman tools for hutning and clobbering. BONUS! This is also the first piece I worked on/ finished on my new Dell 24'' screen that tilts verticly allowing awesome massive close up into my work and makes working on verticle pieces a pure delight as its not cropped by a horizontal screen but you can see top to bottom way more. Great for pages, single panels and verticle character works! Barely scratching the surface in using it as I just got it as an early birthday present this week, but so far thrilled with it. Here is in continuing this tribute piece, and for those who come see this art on my blog, a look at the process. The original loose sketch, the loose but more definitive pencils over top, and the inks straight over top. I did it in my own style but tried to channel some joe kubert in the inks with a angled calligraphic brush instead of a normal round brush. Gave it a cool aesthetic. But still doesn't beat the inking i've been doing lately in Inkscape, and its FULLY tunable brushes. Enjoy, and heres to Joe Kubert... a legend and inspiration. I'm glad I can say I've read a few of your Tarzan comics, studied your work through searching for it through google, and even visited the Joe Kubert school when I was looking at colleges back in the day. He is a great loss to the cartooning/ comic community but I know his two sons are already working hard to carry on the mad comic skills.


Loose sketch to get the posture/ attitude/ form down

Tighter pencils, just fleshing out enough to ink over, not finished pencils by any means!

The inks w/ black fills by themself!

Then felt like doing some blue hue colors for the 'colors' Finished version at top :) Thanks for looking

Done in tirbute to JK and for CCA

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