So you want an outline of my logo commission process....

August 2, 2012

So, heres a new one. Somebody before jumping in wanted to know about my whole process, SURE mister. Be happy to relay that to you. So you can either copy what I'm doing in your own business or waste my time typing it out and probably not even buy anything at the end anyways. HAPPY TO HELP! But heres hoping he decides the water isn't too fridged and if he has a clue what he wants for a logo specificly then I'll be happy to help.

Howdy, I'm interested in potentially having you design a logo for me. I was wondering if, before I decide, you could walk me through your design process in terms of my input and the # of variations you may design. Best, Jeremy
So I replied, with this break down, which covers all the important points, and hopefuly this will be useful for anybody else looking to have a logo done and wondering how it works. Cause I'm sure most people think ' i toss my moneys in the wishing well called 'paypal' and hope my finished perfect magical logo will appear to me under my pillow tonight!'
1. You pay 45.00 which i invoice from paypal, and then you pay +2.00 paypal fee 
2. You tell me what your looking for on your logo, symbols that represent the org the logo is for, as well as the name of the org 
3. In about one week I shoot you 3 solid varying ideas. in black and white unless you have specific colors locked down and i will do them in those colors from the start
4. color variations to lock down colors with the one you picked to continue with from the 3 ideas.
5. wrap it up i bundle files send to you.
6. if job is finished and you come back with changes post-sending files, i will bill you for 15.00 each time you do this.
7. if for some reason you hate the first three ideas, i will try again, and if you hate those, will try one more time before refunding your money and sending you on your way. 

Anywho, happy to break it down for any ol' customer out there. But just a few tips here... saying things in your introductory prospective contact email like 'how many variations are you willing to design' and 'potentially interested but before i decide i'm interested'.

Silly Bastards...

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