End o' the week update

December 20, 2012

On the agenda through the weekend, is tackling those remaining Christmas Commissions, and making them all AWESOME! Each day if time I will tackle one regular order as well. Yesterday I was on track with a regular order of a Iron Man commission (preview above) and my fuzzy son decided to go chicken bone diving and scare the crap out of all of us and get him a free truck ride to the vet. His rebellious trash diving resulted in updating all his shots and an x-ray and lots of man handling :) Hes also on a restricted 'bland' diet till Monday. No treats for going potty outside, no regular human or dog food. Just boiled beef and rice, and let me tell ya. Thats some DRY STUFF! Which is the point. So that was a bit of a day lost yesterday, but back on the reigns, did my morning Bump On A Log warm-up this morning inspired by said event. Over at http://bumponalogcomic.blogspot.com or http://bumponalog.deviantart.com, and ready to crack down on Christmas commissions. Doing 4-6 today. That number is always dependent on when I get to say the fourth, and I feel the quality of my pencils is waning, I stop and proceed to do ink/ color production, and wait to pencil more later on when I'm more fresh.

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