Post Apocalypse and Cap'n Are Whats Happen'n

December 22, 2012

Work in progress screen shots of 2 christmas orders I'm working on today. Diggin how the gun came out, reference is the key kiddies :) The uzi's with modifiers and laser aim will be equaliy as 'correct'. Doin some post apocalypse and disneys cap'n hook today. Hopefuly later on after a much needed visit with the wife at the hopsital later I'll get a couple more done :) Was up till 3am lastnight, why not tonight too? :) Then got up around 9 and got to work again. Hey, I eat sleep and breathe this shiz. Anyways, get them finished up after lunch. These pencils are as far as I'm going to take them. Will finish the rest in the inking process/ colors.

Now for a sammich or something, and I'm currently working on season 2 of the Avengers. They've taken it up a notch, pretty darn good. And Ultimate Spiderman I'm working on occassionaly too. REALLY amazing art direction and animation, sometimes i wish it didn't have the spastic goofiness but it works well with spidey's personality i think. ANYWAYZ, get these wrapped up soon.

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