Saria Christmas Elf - Christmas Commish update

December 17, 2012

Just a quick update. Whenever I get a chance to go above and beyond for a great customer who I really enjoy working for I always take it. Sure its a special where the prices are discounted and theres technicaly no changes, but hey... it didn't take that long and I know it'll make them 100x happier :) In this case I heard the request for the short style pigtails, but opted for a whim of big long exaggerated ones, but the customer wasn't looking for that, so naturaly they weren't completely satisfied. So I saw the opportunity to go in and hack off some hair and make her look righ t:) And might I say I love both versions, so there she be (above), the updated one! Waiting all cuddly in the customers stocking (inbox) ... hope they like it better! So theres a little christmas spirit for ya. Enjoy sir Saria of the Linde!
And the other Christmas commission for today, was fun doin a cute christmas elf, somethin smexy something christmasy. Nice to have free reign like that on a commission :) Alrighty, more to come over the week

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