Special Day - All day livestream event

December 6, 2012

Just one of the several I'm doing today in tight sketch form!

it IS a special day cause today I'm cranking on nothing but XMAS SPECIALS!! Thanks to wifey's momma for taking her to the hospital today and giving me all day to work starting here this morning. Got my stopwatch app to keep me on task as well. No time to shower, coffee is reloaded, music is cued, ready to roll! Oh and I'm on livestream :) If you have ordered a 20 dollar commission I invite you to come watch them come to life!

http://www.livestream.com/eryckwebbgraphicsart/ - if i'm not on its cause i'm restarting the computer or doing a quick break but will be back. This is an all day event baby

Rock n roll!

Was up for better part of the day. Middle of the afternoon I stopped livestream and continued working as it was causing the rendering to go slower. Working away. Have these done soon hopefuly!

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