Todays 5 min Warmup Sketch

December 5, 2012

Did a 5 minute warmup sketch session to get the ol' hand loose and the pen warmed up (really does make a difference when I remember to do this) so here it is in all its sketchy sketchy quick and messy glory. Kinda fun! Doing comic page commissions all day today, plus cover pencils - got a full day ahead! Xmas commissions are already underway, lost some work on them lastnight due to a power outage that lasted about 2 hours from all the wind lastnight but no harm done... gettin rolling for the rest of the week :)

Thanks to EWG blogsite and Facebook followers! This is the kinda crazy stuff you get to see (rather than just finished materials on DeviantArt) in sketchy sketch warmup and other extra-curricular snapshots .. hope you enjoy this kinda stuff. Always fun doing them

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