Roots Bloody Roots

February 6, 2013

Just a quick word of advice anybody gotta plant roots like me at a desk chair for long hours on end, plan on having an active side-task 3-5 days a week. Makes all the difference. Amazing how the rear can be sore after a long production day. Should have 'ass olympics'. I find the nicest is wake up early, hot shower, fresh coffee and something to eat... then work till lunch, and go for a stroll at the local park with the dog. find something where you have to do a whole lap, shoot for two, but if you feel done after one... thats something. i'd say as long as you get 15 minutes mininum in the middle of the day... makes all the difference. Just enjoyed a snowcovered trail thisafternoon with blue skies and brisk air. Whats not to like. The track is 15 min around so i usualy do 3 when i'm goin all out but a quick 15 min stroll with snowy terrain really felt good, now ready to tackle the afternoon. So, anywho. Don't understimate the importance o' that break - moving time on the ol tail bone. And to keep the blood flowing, to produce better work results!

Working in 15 minute intervals today... on livestream (click 'EWG Livestream on right side of site) - stop in say hi, even if you can't stay. I appreciate the support!

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