Sale! - Weekly Commission Slots

February 1, 2013

$25 Full Color Character Slots - 5 Available


- One character, no background full body/ knee/shin up
- Epic pose of my choosing but buyer can request general attitude or type of pic they looking for
- No proof on these, done in one day.
- Send $26.00 (includes paypal vendor fee) to via paypal with note on what its for and a link to existing picture reference please.
- No text descriptions please, or you will get as accurate as you will get. There will be no proof/ design changes. These are one-off convention-style pieces. Refer to example above, and many like them in my 'Customer Commission Highlights' Gallery
- If slot is filled, but you sent payment, I will put you down on the next week when they become available.
- These will be a weekly offer! Purchase as many as you are willing to pay for. How many are available each week will remain subject to change. These items are also available on the order tracking at [link] - click 'order tracking' on the top right of site.

Thanks for ordering!


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