Baron Power - The Process Video

April 16, 2013

See the finished artwork in the EWG DeviantArt Gallery
Well came back from the weekend pretty rusty (stiff?) but I feel like I kept going till I got there and worked the kinks out of the ol' drawing hand once again. Check out this live-stream video of the process, feel free to skip through some of the lulling parts and an intermission in the middle while helping my wife with her night-stuff. The idea for this was a doom-like character in a doom-like stance with the world being crushed in his hands. The idea may have been lost in the amount of cracks and fissures glowing on the globe that make you think its just some sort of power ball rather than a imploding planet being crushed between his hands. But overall think it works well.

In the video below you can observe my process experimenting with many stick figure sketches for composition, starting to take it to finished pencils a couple times and not happy with the angle or the impact of the pose so i move it around a couple times till you get the result of the final piece. And then study the process and the tools used from pencil sketch to finished work.  I usually do as much as possible by hand but this fellow had a lot of technical lines in his armor and such so I used the pen tool and then stroked the path with the brush following the pen tool path. Then some areas I wanted more emphasis and line-weight on so I went over them again with the brush tool by hand. From there filled blacks adding more mass and colored and shaded and highlighted and added effects. Again, see the final work in the EWG Deviant Art Gallery; and check out the process in the live-stream video below.

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