Spring Sale Fundraiser Day 3 - New Flyer

April 3, 2013

In February, I held a three night Livestream fundraiser to raise extra money for hospital bills accumulated whilst my wife does chemo. See If i couldn't offset the hospital visit cost a bit. This was a massive success, and I thank everyone involved in that. 

Here in April, I'm doing the same, but based on the public's votes, the interest was more towards a week long offering of the same prices, though it won't all be done on livestream. 

An e-commerce purchase location for this special has been set up on the EWG website, choose which items you want, mix match, decide the quantity of your order, and pay securely with paypal. 

Help my wife and I get a few steps closer to being out of medical debt. Shes worth it, and the art your getting will be too. 

PURCHASE At http://eryckwebb.blogspot.com - all week, sale ends April 8th 12:00amEST. Thank you in advance! 

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