Great EWG Live Wednesday Wrapped Up With A Cobra Bow and a Hell Boy too!

June 6, 2013

Well! Tonight saw a very good Livestream night! Thanks to all who came out to 'EWG Live Wednesday' tonight. I got in such a groove i forgot about the chat so sorry for the initial lack o' socializing in the first half. But, was having a ball. Happy with all four of these but my fav are the top two. Just came out perfect IMHO! Had half a dozen viewers/ chat hangars at any given time and went from epic movie soundtracks to some rock n roll to finishing off with some pumpin Deadmau5. Thanks to all who came out, and as a reward to those who stuck out the whole time, there was 15 min left after finishing these 3 ladies so I did a quick 'cool down' and as I was sketching I just did whatever came out of the doodling and it happened to be hellboy, and wanted to do an image sort of freeball sketch as a finale and write 'thanks for streaming' to the peeps who came out and stayed the whole time. Four full color characters in four 3.75 hours not too shabby! Started at 8, got them done by 11.45 and then did the hellboy sketch. 
Goodnight! Check out the works below and the livestream video below that!
See you next 'EWG Live Wednesday'!

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