Groovy Graveyard Poster

June 11, 2013

Just got this poster for 'Groovy Graveyard', finished up this afternoon.  Advertising the mascot and overall vibe of the  awesome niche merchandise music and movies store in New Jersey. Check out their site for lots of awesome stuff. Was a monster! Pun intended! But I had a lot of fun working on it as many of these characters are personal favs (rockabilly zombie, elvira, the car etc!) and I also enjoyed the exercise in restraint in the limited color palette. Its designed so more info can go on the tombstone, and or if the client wants to crop the top and add more black area to the bottom for their flyers or anything else and add more text down there it will work fine for that. Fun stuff!

Pending final corrections with the client but this is basically it in a nut shell!
Might post a case study in the future but for now, heres the finished poster!

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