Wolverine Warmup

June 18, 2013

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Whew well theres issues and it was definitly some heavy chiseling along the way of this 30 minute warmup but hey thats what they're for. Working out the kinks developed during periods of not drawing. Getting that ol' muscle memory to snap back in proper place. Well I watched the first half of Xmen Origins: Wolverine lastnight and thought I'd take my own stab at portraying wolverine. I always figured he should have big bulky upper body and his costume was always a bit too bright for me so i reversed the colors and he doesn't need gloves, he can regenerate and they just get in the way of his claws anyways... so i left him sleeveless and gloveless with maybe just some armbands. But those seem kinda tacked on at this point. His colors are now a very dark blueblack and then a yellow brown for the light areas. I tried him without ears at all sort of mimicking the shape up around his head as just a design but something about wolverine just doesnt look like wolverine without a little bit of ear sticking up but i liked the very small and subtle look of the ears of his very early costumes just enough to have them but not big wings like in the 80s. Anywho, diggin it... on to work today! Fun warmup sketch but got lots o' other stuff to do today.
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